Into the Woods ADE

18 + 19 October, NDSM-Wharf Amsterdam

Dive head first into the last outdoor festival of the year! The vibrant and industrial NDSM-wharf will be transformed into a hub of creativity, bursting with spectacular art installations and an eclectic mix of the finest DJs spanning various styles and genres. Join us from noon until 23:00 on Friday, October 18th, and Saturday, October 19th for an unforgettable Amsterdam Dance Weekend.

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Electronic Soundscapes

Immerse yourself in a diverse array of electronic music across eight distinct stages, each showcasing a unique sound and design. From pulsating techno and groove-infused house to eclectic club beats and hard-swung rhythms, there’s something for every taste. Dive into the lineup to get in the ADE mood and discover new favourites.

Bad Boombox
Brina Knauss
Dax J
Elli Acula & FJAAK
Gabrielle Kwarteng
Marcel Dettmann
Rose Ringed
Sally C

and many more…

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Indoor & Outdoor

All stages are covered or inside tents, but they’re also plenty to be found outside. Bring warm clothing to stay cozy, or gather around one of the many inviting bonfires scattered across the wharf.

Creative Spectacles

Prepare for a sensory feast as the wharf comes alive with vibrant art installations, captivating performances, and stunning displays. Every corner will be filled with creative wonders that engage all your senses.

Adventure Awaits

Alongside the extensive musical programme, Into the Woods ADE is home to many surprises and creative distractions. Explore the festival grounds and discover endless activities. Take a joyride on an animal on wheels, shop for a new festival outfit, or join the scavenger hunt.

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Into the Woods ADE 2024

18 oktober 2024 t/m 20 oktober 2024